Logline: A half-Indian, half-English businessman is haunted by a mysterious woman from his past who threatens to wreck his marriage and comfortable family situation. 

Broken Thread was shot in India and the UK. The Producer is Deepak Nayar (‘At Eternity’s Gate’; ‘Bend it Like BeckhamBuena Vista Social Club; Bride and Prejudice); the director is Mahesh Mathai (Bhopal Express). Linus Roache and Saffron Burrows, Roshan Seth, Prem Chopra play the leading roles, and Andrea Corr plays a feature role.



Synopsis: On a quiet Sunday morning, Ella receives an unexpected visit from Helga, a woman she has never met before. Both their lives have been affected by the same Nazi-SS Officer. Helga has a mission. and Ella has a secret.


Synopsis: When an attractive 28-year-old woman learns about an upcoming marriage she will do anything to prevent it happening, and to obtain the justice she needs to put her terrifying past behind her.


Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)

“Freedman’s pen has met Tchaikovsky and has drawn a sketch of his soul. Not a small undertaking to distill the life of the Russian composer in a 90 minute play, from age 24 training at the conservatory until his death at only 53 years of age, in circumstances still debated.”

“Tchaikovsky turns to the past…to his homosexuality, an offense at that time, to his marriage of convenience, his friendships, his pain.” Alessandra Greco,