• A Death in Brooklyn

    A Death in Brooklyn

    Brooklyn, 1960. A 12 year-old boy walking home from school and about to discover he has been orphaned is befriended by a stranger, an 80 year old man, who helps him through his trauma and changes his life.

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  • A Minute of Silence

    A Minute of Silence

    Dora is a psychologist. Barry is a university graduate who has chosen to spend his life in the circus making and repairing the performers’ shoes. Barry’s parents cannot accept his choice and employ Dora to rescue him. They do not tell her that Barry is deaf. The love story between Barry and Dora, a hearing woman, unfolds through dialogue, physical theatre and sign language. Dora struggles to come to terms with her own problems whilst under the illusion that it is Barry who needs help. An ensemble of eight actors act out the story, have fun and mock the seriousness…

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  • Ella’s Secret

    Ella’s Secret

    On a quiet Sunday morning, Ella receives an unexpected visit from Helga, a woman she has never met before.   Both their lives have been affected by the same Nazi-SS officer.  Helga has a mission, and Ella has a secret.

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  • Lunch with Sandy

    Lunch with Sandy

    Sandy is having a man for lunch.

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  • Moscow Shadows

    Moscow Shadows

    Moscow 1989, in the atmosphere of perestroika and glasnost. Two widows of the Soviet system have been close friends for over 40 years. Anna remains an idealist. Natasha is a black marketeer, selling ikons for dollars, which is a capital offense. Their neighbor is murdered and the ensuing police investigation brings unexpected and tragic consequences.

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  • Peanut Butter and Jelly

    Peanut Butter and Jelly

    The story takes place on a morning that has no respect for time.

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  • Selling Off

    Selling Off

    A day in the life of a harried NY accountant, his last day. He’s finally decided to sell his business and abandon the treadmill. But there’s no mercy for him and, as this day goes on, he frantically juggles the demands of partner, girlfriend, lawyer, ex-wife, banker, mother, clients and employees, things escalate until he’s stabbed, thrown out of a window, claws his way back in and dies unnoticed at his own desk as the chaos continues unabated.

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  • Something in Common

    Something in Common

    When an attractive 28-year-old woman learns about an upcoming marriage she will do anything to prevent it happening, and to obtain the justice she needs to put her terrifying past behind her.

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  • Tchaikovsky


    Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) “Freedman’s pen has met Tchaikovsky and has drawn a sketch of his soul. Not a small undertaking to distill the life of the Russian composer in a 90 minute play, from age 24 training at the conservatory until his death at only 53 years of age, in circumstances still debated.” “Tchaikovsky turns to the past…to his homosexuality, an offense at that time, to his marriage of convenience, his friendships, his pain.” Alessandra Greco,

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  • The Family Jewels

    The Family Jewels

    Sam’s behavior has become eccentric since his wife of 60 years died; he can’t live alone and he refuses to move out of his apartment. His son and his daughter come to help him move, and a lifetime of bittersweet memories, festering resentment, and sibling rivalry erupt to the surface.

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  • The Sacred Thread

    The Sacred Thread

    Does a Nightmare have a Life of its own? The Sacred Thread* A mystical thriller about dream transference between a father and son. The key to the memory of a violent crime and the nightmare that followed. A love story of an Asian man with two Women – one Irish the other English. The inescapable link with cultural roots and destiny.

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  • The Thieves Road

    The Thieves Road

    Denver Colorado, 1891. Armstrong, a rancher, has hired Sarah to be the teacher of his young children. Through their conflict regarding the genocide of Native Americans and Sarah’s personal story, we are reminded of contemporary events including the clashes between the water protectors and the police at Standing rock, North Dakota, USA.

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  • There Aren’t Any

    There Aren’t Any

    A mystical journey of sometime rhyme, sometime blue, sometime black, sometime smile, sometime tears, sometime play, in a world of sometime roses. Live music.

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  • Whisper of Wings

    Whisper of Wings

    Jacob, a deaf and mute man in his 30s, is given the gift of speech and hearing, but never having heard nor spoken before he is convinced he must be dreaming. Whisper of Wings is a journey through the silence.

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