Something In Common (Screenplay)

Feature Screenplay by H.W. Freedman ©Copyright 1999 by the Author
Based on the author’s stage play of the same name.

When an attractive 28-year-old woman learns about an upcoming marriage she will do anything to prevent it happening, and to obtain the justice she needs to put her terrifying past behind her.

GenreMystery/Suspense, Drama
Cast BreakdownMain characters: 2 women late 20s, 2 men 30s, 1 man 60
TimeThe Present

SOMETHING IN COMMON achieved Quarter-Finalist status in the 2010 Writer’s Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition.

The stage play, SOMETHING IN COMMON, was produced at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and at the Wharehouse Theatre Croydon, London, directed by Harris Freedman


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