Something in Common

A Full-Length play written by H.W. Freedman ©Copyright 1998 by the Author

Also available in Italian.

When an attractive 28-year-old woman learns about an upcoming marriage she will do anything to prevent it happening, and to obtain the justice she needs to put her terrifying past behind her.

Cast BreakdownCHARLIE Female, British, age 28 DAVE American, age 30’s TOM American, age 30’s
TimeThe Present
SettingVarious Locations.
Production History1999 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Assembly Rooms, directed by Harris Freedman, Transferred to London, Warehouse Theatre, Croydon, directed by Harris Freedman,

What the critics wrote about the London production:

“. . . what starts out as a quirky highly charged sexual drama evolved into a disturbing and urgent thriller.”

“Charlie uses sexual charms as an angler uses bait to attract the men she needs for her mission and she skilfully teases and plays them in until they are hooked and landed.”

Charlie’s “…seduction techniques are reminiscent of Sharon Stone’s famous leg crossing and uncrossing in the film Basic Instinct.”

Something in Common “. . . will keep you guessing . . . the final moments of truth in which Charlie pours out her harrowing story are enough to make your blood run cold.”

Something in Common has been published as an eBook, Click here



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