• A Death in Brooklyn (Screenplay)

    A Death in Brooklyn (Screenplay)

    Brooklyn, 1960. A 12 year-old boy walking home from school and about to discover he has been orphaned is befriended by a stranger, an 80 year old man, who helps him through his trauma and changes his life.

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  • A Minute of Silence (Screenplay)

    A Minute of Silence (Screenplay)

    Dora, Anglo-Indian, a psychologist, returns to Mumbai to find her Indian father who abandoned her.  Dev, a deaf shoemaker in a travelling circus, unwittingly becomes her first patient.  Dev reverses roles and cleverly guides Dora through a catharsis that reconciles her with the memory of her father.

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  • Broken Thread (Screenplay) (Produced)

    Broken Thread (Screenplay) (Produced)

    Logline: A half-Indian, half-English businessman is haunted by a mysterious woman from his past who threatens to wreck his marriage and comfortable family situation. Broken Thread was shot in India and the UK. The Producer is Deepak Nayar (Bend it Like Beckham; Buena Vista Social Club; Bride and Prejudice); the director is Mahesh Mathai (Bhopal Express). Linus Roache […]

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  • Ella’s Secret (Screenplay)

    Ella’s Secret (Screenplay)

    On a quiet Sunday morning, Ella receives an unexpected visit from Helga, a woman she has never met before.   Both their lives have been affected by the same Nazi-SS officer.  Helga has a mission, and Ella has a secret.

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  • Moscow Shadows (Screenplay)

    Moscow Shadows (Screenplay)

    Moscow in 1989.  Two widows of the Soviet system have been close friends and neighbours for more than 40 years.  Anna remains an idealist and Natasha is a blackmarketeer, selling ikons for dollars, which is a capital offence. Their neighbour is murdered and the ensuing police investigation brings unexpected and tragic consequences.

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  • My Name Isn’t Judit (Screenplay)

    My Name Isn’t Judit (Screenplay)

    Based on a true story. A successful single woman discovers she is pregnant and feels compelled to search for the identity of her father, and to confront the mother who abandoned her.

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  • Selling Off (Screenplay)

    Selling Off (Screenplay)

    A day in the life of a harried NY accountant, his last day. He’s finally decided to sell his business and abandon the treadmill. But there’s no mercy for him and, as this day goes on, he frantically juggles the demands of partner, girlfriend, lawyer, ex-wife, banker, mother, clients and employees, things escalate until he’s stabbed, thrown out of a window, claws his way back in and dies unnoticed at his own desk as the chaos continues unabated.

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  • Something In Common (Screenplay)

    Something In Common (Screenplay)

    When an attractive 28-year-old woman learns about an upcoming marriage she will do anything to prevent it happening, and to obtain the justice she needs to put her terrifying past behind her.

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  • Southern Justice (Screenplay)

    Southern Justice (Screenplay)

    Birmingham, Alabama 1940-1961. A young African American lawyer and the daughter of a prominent white family are having a clandestine love affair. When the reading of a will reveals their family histories, her family attempts to silence his with racial violence.

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  • The Family Jewels (Screenplay)

    The Family Jewels (Screenplay)

    Synopsis: Sam’s behavior has become eccentric since his wife of 60 years died; he can’t live alone and he refuses to move out of his apartment. His son and his daughter come to help him move, and a lifetime of bittersweet memories, festering resentment, and sibling rivalry erupt to the surface.

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  • The Perfect Pizza (Screenplay)

    The Perfect Pizza (Screenplay)

    Maria abruptly cancels her wedding in NYC and rushes off to Rome to work in the family pizzeria where she invents the perfect pizza and transforms the simple family restaurant into the trendiest spot in town.

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  • The Post Office (Screenplay)

    The Post Office (Screenplay)

    Amal, a terminally ill 8-year-old girl, sees into the lives of others and inspires them to realise the wonder in what they have come to feel is the drudgery of their daily lives. The Mayor of the town accuses Amal’s uncle of fabricating her illness to gain sympathy, he considers her impudent, and is determined to expose her.

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