The Family Jewels (Screenplay)

Feature Screenplay ©Copyright 2020 by the Author

Based on the author’s stage play of the same name.

Synopsis: Sam’s behavior has become eccentric since his wife of 60 years died; he can’t live alone and he refuses to move out of his apartment. His son and his daughter come to help him move, and a lifetime of bittersweet memories, festering resentment, and sibling rivalry erupt to the surface.

GenreComedy, Drama
Cast BreakdownSam, age 80; Stuart, age mid 40s; Janet – age late 40s
LocationBrooklyn, NY.  The story takes place in one apartment, except for the short opening scene on a Brooklyn street in the early morning.
Production HistoryA staged reading of the play was presented on the main stage of the Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly Circus, London, West End, directed by Harris Freedman


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