Southern Justice (Screenplay)

Feature Screenplay by H.W. Freedman ┬ęCopyright 2006 by the Author

Birmingham, Alabama 1940-1961.

A young African American lawyer and the daughter of a prominent white family are having a clandestine love affair. When the reading of a will reveals their family histories, her family attempts to silence his with racial violence.

Cast BreakdownMain characters, 4 men ages 30-60, 3 females ages 25-50
LocationBirmingham Alabama, NYC

Southern Justice: Semi-finalist at the 2023 28th Annual “Fade In”Awards; Second Rounder 2022 Austin Film Festival; Quarter Finalist 2022 Emerging Screenwriting Genre Contest; Top 10 Finalist 2022 Table Read My Screenplay Summer Contest; Number 3 of the Hot 100 Winners at the 2021 Capital Fund Screenplay Competition; 2021 Quarter-Finalist Stage 32 Screenwriting Contest; Aloha Accolade Award Winner 2011 Honolulu Film Festival Awards; Special Selection at the 2010 Canada International Film Festival; Semi-Finalist in the 2010 Rhode Island Film Festival; Semi-Finalist in the 2007 International Writing Contest.

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