There Aren’t Any

Full-length – Poetry, dialogues and live music by H.W. Freedman ┬ęCopyright by the Author

A mystical journey of sometime rhyme, sometime blue, sometime black, sometime smile, sometime tears, sometime play, in a world of sometime roses. Live music.

Cast Breakdown3 males age 20’s; 1 female age 20’s At least one actor should be able to play a musical instrument or add one or two musicians as needed. Instruments: any combination of violin, guitar, percussion, piano.
TimeThe Present
LocationUSA, Various, Imaginary.
SettingBare Stage.
Production HistoryMore than 36 performances in Greenwich Village, plus recorded for Rutgers University radio, directed by Harris Freedman. Special Event at the Arts Festival Greenwich Village Loeb Student Centre, directed by Ellen Paul.


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