Moscow Shadows

Screenplay by H.W. Freedman ©Copyright 1989 & 2021 by the Author

Logline: Moscow in 1989.  Two widows of the Soviet system have been close friends and neighbours for more than 40 years.  Anna remains an idealist and Natasha is a blackmarketeer, selling ikons for dollars, which is a capital offence. Their neighbour is murdered and the ensuing police investigation brings unexpected and tragic consequences.

GenreComedy, Tragedy
Cast Breakdown3 women, 2 ages late 60s, 1 age 30.
3 men, 1 age 35, 1 age 19, 1 age 50
LocationMoscow, Russia

Based on the stage play by the same author.

What the Critics said about the London Stage Premiere:

“…behind the powdery rubble of the Berlin Wall is the infinitely bleaker edifice of East European anti-semitism…Harris Freedman addresses this in his new play, Moscow Shadows, but he does so by means of a drawing-room comedy that…goes for (and gets) the laugh to be found in a fond portrayal of Jewish matriarchy. The Independent, London

“…moves stylishly from politics, to drawing-room drama, to whoops-no-sex-I’m-a-Red farce, to whodunnit….”  City Limits, London.

“The play’s observations could not be more politically apposite…”  Independent

“…Moscow Shadows is a rich mix, combining the loss of innocence, the all-pervading atmosphere of insecurity…the thrills and skills of black-marketeering, and a detective story.” Jewish Chronicle, London.

“…two gutsy Jewish widows…fine performances…”  Time Out, London.

“…The ‘visa speech,’…is surely going to be a classic.”  Jewish Chronicle, London.

“…a play rich with humour as well as pathos,.”  What’s On In London

“…multi-faceted drama, highlighting inherent fascism in Russia…”  City Limits, London

“…effective comedy…”  Ham & High, Hampstead, London.

“…a play to provoke heartfelt debate…”  Ham & High, Hampstead, London.

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