Selling Off

Full-Length Play by H.W. Freedman ©Copyright1990 by the Author

A day in the life of a harried NY accountant, his last day. He’s finally decided to sell his business and abandon the treadmill. But there’s no mercy for him and, as this day goes on, he frantically juggles the demands of partner, girlfriend, lawyer, ex-wife, banker, mother, clients and employees, things escalate until he’s stabbed, thrown out of a window, claws his way back in and dies unnoticed at his own desk as the chaos continues unabated.

Cast Breakdown5 male (3 age 40’s, 2 age 50’s); 5 female (1 age 70, 2 age 40, 1 age 20’s, 1 age 30s)
TimeThe Present (Over the course of one day)
LocationNew York City
SettingAlan’s office in New York City; Bernies office; Various NYC locations
Production HistoryJohn Houseman Theatre, Off-Broadway, NYC, USA, under the direction of Gene Feist.

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