Tchaikovsky Stampa



Full Length Stage Play

(Running time 95 minutes)

by H W Freedman

© Copyright 2000 by the Author

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By popular demand, Tchaikovsky was presented again in Rome Italy at Teatro Dell'Orologio Sala Orfeo in February 2014, then at Teatro Comunale in Formello and at Teatro Cristallo in Bolzano.


Tchaikovsky (Cajkovskij)  Trailer - Click

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NEWS 2013: The World Premiere production of the Italian translation of "Tchaikovsky" was presented at Teatro Millelire in Rome Italy.

Also see, "Tchaikovsky (Cajkovskij in Italiano)".


Tchaikovsky (1840-1893):


Did Tchaikovsky die at that age of 53 from asiatic cholera or did he commit suicide to avoid being prosecuted for sodomy, stripped of his civil rights and assets and sentenced to hard labor in a Siberian prison?  The controversy over his death remains unresolved.

The critics wrote:

“Freedman's pen has met Tchaikovsky and has drawn a sketch of his soul. Not a small undertaking to distill the life of the Russian composer in a 90 minute play, from age 24 training at the conservatory until his death at only 53 years of age, in circumstances still debated.”

“Tchaikovsky turns to the his homosexuality, an offense at that time, to his marriage of convenience, his friendships, his pain.” Alessandra Greco,

“ effort, masterfully done, to examine his essence. Profound and delicate.” Alessandra Greco,


The play deals with Tchaikovsky’s inner life, his creative force, the important relationships in his life, his successes and failures.

Tchaikovsky struggled with depression and to reconcile his homosexuality, which he considered normal and natural for himself, with his profound need to avoid hurting his family and losing face as a result of a scandal by being publicly exposed and prosecuted. (Homosexuality was against the law.)

Excerpts from Tchaikovsky’s music and ballets are selectively used in the play.

Alexander Poznansky, a Russian, and one of the most important Tchaikovsky biographers and scholars in the world (he is currently teaching at Yale University in the USA) read the play and wrote:

"Please excuse me for some delay in writing you back, but I needed time to read your play  carefully. In fact, I enjoyed reading it very much and, overall, I think it excellent. You have succeeded in making it dramatically powerful and yet subtle . . . Your dialogues are strong and flow naturally. I found the play¹s lyrical moments genuinely moving and your vision of the XIXth century Russia, as regards both culture and psychology, for the most part, authentic. You have also handled Tchaikovsky¹s complex character, with its mixture of generosity and self-doubt increasingly well. He stands out in the play as a fully fleshed individual, and so do most of the other personages . . . and I am quite impressed by your knowledge and very sensitive use of his music . . . your play is considerably more accurate regarding things Russian than most fiction, drama, or poetry written in the West about Russia that I am aware of . .  . I greatly look forward to seeing your "Tchaikovsky" published and then staged! I wish you every best luck and please keep me informed about the developments."

Time: 1862-1893
Place: Various locations in Russia, Florence Italy, Nice France

The scenes are numbered but there are no scene breaks, the action flows continuously from beginning to end.

All characters are onstage at all times except when they are changing characters.

Cast Breakdown:

Actors: (4 actors play 9 characters)

2 males (ages 40-60),

2 females (ages 25-30, 40-45)

Plus 2 musicians: Pianist, Violinist

Production History:

2014 productions at the Teatro Dell'Orologio, Rome, Teatro Cuminale in Formello, and Teatro Cristallo, Bolzano

2013 World Premiere production in Italian in Rome Italy, Teatro Millelire - Tchaikovsky (in Italiano) and Reviews

Staged Reading: Tristan Bates Theatre, Actors Centre, Covent Garden, London, UK