The Sacred Thread Stampa


A Full-length Play

by H W Freedman

© Copyright 1991, 1994, 1997 by the Author

The feature film, Broken Thread, was based on the play The Sacred Thread

(see the trailer for the film here)


Does a Nightmare have a Life of its own?



A Mystical Thriller about Dream

Transference between a father and son.

The Key to the Memory of a Violent Crime and the Nightmare that followed.

A Love Story of an Asian Man with Two Women - one Irish the other English.

The inescapable Link with Cultural Roots and Destiny.

(* The Sacred Thread in Hindu tradition is a long necklace composed of three strands of cotton, each formed by nine threads. It is worn over the left shoulder and under the right arm. It is given only to Brahman-born young men at the conclusion of a ceremony marking the Rite of Passage to Manhood-a Spiritual Initiation. The Initiate is supposed to wear The Sacred Thread under his clothing at all times.)

Time: The Present.
Place: London and a country house outside of London. India: various locations;
Settings: Bare stage with minimum props.
Cast Breakdown: 8 males, 4 females.
Production History: Unproduced
Staged Readings: Roundabout Theatre, NYC, US
Tabard Theatre, London, UK