Moscow Shadows Stampa


(a Full-length Play)

by H W Freedman

©Copyright 1989 by the Author

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Moscow 1989, in the atmosphere of perestroika and glasnost. Two widows of the Soviet system have been close friends for over 40 years. Anna remains an idealist. Natasha is disillusioned and cynical; she is a blackmarketeer, selling ikons for dollars, which is a capital offence. Anna takes in illegal boarders. Their neighbour is murdered and the ensuing police investigation brings unexpected and tragic consequences.

Time & Place: Moscow, 1989
Settings: Anna's apartment in Moscow.
Cast Breakdown:

3 females (2 age late 60's; 1 age 30.), 2 males (1 age 30's; 1 age 45)

Production History: 1990; New End Theatre, Hampstead London.
Staged Readings: Roundabout Theatre, NYC, USA
East Hampton Playhouse, Long Island, NY, USA

What the Critics said about the London Premier of Moscow Shadows

"...two gutsy Jewish widows...fine performances..." Time Out, London.


"...moves stylishly from politics, to drawing-room drama, to whoops-no-sex-I'm-a-Red farce, to whodunnit...police interrogation, remorse...self-sacrifice..." City Limits, London.


"...As the dust clears, discernible behind the powdery rubble of the Berlin Wall is the infinitely bleaker edifice of East European anti-semitism, invisible, all-pervasive, and atavistic in its strength. Harris Freedman addresses this in his new play, Moscow Shadows, but he does so by means of a drawing-room comedy that makes profoundly uneasy viewing..." Independent

"The play's observations could not be more politically apposite..." Independent


"...goes for (and gets) the laugh to be found in a fond portrayal of Jewish matriarchy."Independent


"...persuasive performances..." Independent


"The author has written splendidly meaty parts…fine and funny performances...a play rich with humour as well as pathos..." What's On In London


"...Moscow Shadows is a rich mix, combining the loss of innocence, the all-pervading atmosphere of insecurity...the thrills and skills of black-marketeering, and a detective story." Jewish Chronicle, London.


"...The 'visa speech,' surely going to be a classic." Jewish Chronicle, London.


"It is unusual to have a new play of such topicality arrive on the London Stage so immediately after the events it is recording." What's On In London


"...multi-faceted drama, highlighting inherent fascism in Russia..." City Limits, London.


"...bang up to date...effective comedy...a play to provoke heartfelt debate..." Ham & High, Hampstead, London.