The Family Jewels Stampa



(a Full-length Play)

Written by H W Freedman

© Copyright by the Author

You can buy a copy of the play, The Family Jewels, click here

(The Family Jewels - I Gioielli di Famiglia - is also available in the Italian language.)

The Family Jewels, was Semi-Finalist in the International Play Writing Contest, and Finalist in the Sonoma County Repertory (California) New Play Competition.



Sam’s behavior has become eccentric since his wife died after fifty-nine years of marriage. His son Stuart finds it increasingly difficult to take care of him, and his daughter Janet, who has been living overseas, comes back to help. As they try to decide Sam's future, a lifetime of bittersweet memories, resentment and sibling rivalry resurface.



(in order of appearance)


STUART Saunders (age 40s)

JANET Saunders (age 40s)

SAM Saunders (age 80)


Time: 1995

Place: Brooklyn, NYC and London

Settings: Furniture and props can be minimal.  A car in NYC. A London Pub. Sitting room/dining room of an apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Production History:  Unproduced

Staged Reading: Criterion Theatre, West End, London, UK